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VMAX Drag Bike

Darrell Aubin's 1570cc Shaft Drive VMax

This bike is being built for the drag strip record for shaft drive motorycles.
  • Downdraft Keihin FCR carburetors
  • 87mm JE pistons
  • .428 lift camshafts
  • 34mm intake, 27mm exhaust valves
  • Carrillo long rods
  • backcut transmission
  • air shifter
  • 6" extended swingarm and driveshaft
  • modified rear wheel and car tire


First Runs at Lebanon Valley, NY

9 passes - Sept. 19th

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ESTA Parkway, Syracuse NY - Sept. 26th

9.958 @145.14 MPH

Testing Facts:

- 60 foot time is slow
- current ET does not reflect  performance potential
- bike pulls the front end up due to too tall gearing

Darrell ran at Esta Park Dragway on October 3rd and put down a 9.74 @ 147.9 mph run. This is done with only a 1.79  60 foot time. Very slow on take off.  This will improve with rear end change, clutch and chassis work. This is a 510 lb. bike with rider and gear adding another 290 lbs.   An impressive performance.

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